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As a hunting ground, New Zealand’s Southern Lakes produces some of the largest Red Stag in the world, making it a fantastic region for any hunting enthusiast and for guided hunting tours.
Doddsy’s Hunting Experience has access to 100,000 acres of prime Tahr area near Mt Cook and rights to many other hunting concessions around the Southern Lakes to make your big game hunt successful and enjoyable.
The New Zealand hunting season covers Summer (February – March), Autumn/Fall (April – June) and Winter (July – August) which means that the weather and climate during this season is varied.
In Summer, you can expect a climate of 70 - 90ºF and warm, sunny weather, while in Autumn/Fall and Winter you can expect a climate 20 - 70ºF and significantly cooler weather.
These hunting grounds showcase some of the best New Zealand scenery available, with breath taking country views making a perfect backdrop for supreme hunting tours.