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As a hunting guide, Doddsy’s focus is on Red Stag, Tahr, Fallow and Chamois. Although he is flexible, and you can hunt other animals, including:

- Elk

- Arapara Rams

- Feral Goat

- Possum

- Rabbit

- Wallaby

- Game Birds in season (Ducks, Turkeys and Pheasants)


Your hunting guide can take you out any time from the start of February to the end of August for most animals.

Red Stag

  Red Stag  

The ‘rut’ or ‘roaring’ season for the Red Stag is March and April.

Tahr and Chamois


Are available all year round but the best time for Tahr is when the bulls are down low in March and April. From May onwards Tahr are high due to mating.



The ‘rut’ season is May and June but can be hunted from February to July.